Epiphanies- part 4

Sharing a few ” Aha” moments ~~

~~What others expect of you matters only if you feel insecure within your soul. Otherwise, those expectations do not matter in your mind and heart. When you feel secure, you absorb only what you think will add positively to your life.

~~ You can be whatever you want to be. Good or bad. A visionary or a worker. A thinker or a doer. Polite or rude. You have every emotion in you. So whatever you are today is by choice and not by accident.

~~ Every dream matters, even if it is small and ambiguous. In reality, most dreams start small. Slowly slowly layers get added, and at times deleted before your holistic vision comes together.

~~ It is extremely important to enjoy every journey to completely absorb any achievement. If you will not learn to enjoy the journey, any achievement will only feed your ego and not build your character. It is not about becoming something in life, it is about building a strong character, brick by brick, everyday . A character of strength, dignity, morals that is grounded in the realities of spirituality, and a sense of giving.

Happy evolving!

You are a sinner and a saint

You are a sinner and a saint,
You choose to be either,
On each day,
Your choice defines your day.

Your day.

Is it loaded with greed?
Or is there an angel in your prayer?
Then there are those days,
When the sinner cripples the saint,
Makes you believe that you are his slave,
I am in your blood. In your genes. He says.

Why me?
Saint in you cries for help,
Holding tight to its essence,
Shouts with all its power,
I am not afraid, My resilience is enough to fight your evil.

Sinner fades away. That day.

And that day, your saint wins.

It has won every day so far,

But are you afraid of the day,
When your soul makes the wrong choice,
And the Saint in you loses the war?

No no,
I know you will not let that happen,
Your resilience is stronger than this war.

A big huge welcome to my daughters!

I am very happy to share a great news with all of you!

Almost three months back, we were lucky to be blessed with twin girls! I and Puneet are enjoying parenthood immensely.

This poem is for you, Maheera (means full of energy) and Inaya (compassion/empathy):


I raise you my dear daughters,

with all the love I have,

to let you be,

who you are,

to help your soul shine,

in the deepest darkest hour.


I raise you my dear daughters,

with all the positive energy I have,

to help you evolve,

be more than what you can be,

to seek whatever your heart desires.


I raise you my dear daughters,

with all the wisdom I have,

to help you choose your own path,

to teach you to never quit the journey,

rather enjoy it to the fullest,

and keep moving on.

I raise you my dear daughters,

with all the courage I have,

I promise to support you in all your journeys,

always love you with all my heart,

So run as fast you can,

never worry,

I always got your back.


Broken pieces of life

I don’t look back in life, 

But at times those broken pieces of life,

Shine like a mirror reflecting light,

Blur my vision,

And shout,

We still exist,

You can ignore us,

But we will rise again and again,

Till our presence shatters your future.


I smile and say,

Ghosts from my past,

I am not fighting you,

I choose my battles,

You are not worth a fight,

You are a memory of a void,

A void that no longer exists.

So, reappear as often as you want,

Your presence is inconsequential,

Live with that,

or better,



Happy Living!!


Recognise your Inner Critic and how it Works

A must read.

Find your inner critic and throw it in the bin people!

Dr. Nicholas Jenner PsyD, MA

“I am really driven, but my drive doesn’t affectthe conversations I have in my head about life, and my worries and fears and insecurities.” Zach Braff .
The concept of an inner critic is well knownbut most people have to deal with more than one manifestation. There might be one that attacks you for doing too much ofsomething and another who then berates you for being lazy. The advice would be to work with each separately. I will now look at the types of inner critic that can pop up.
We all know it, only too well. It’s that inner voice, that “inner critic,” that seems always present and always keenly preparedto defeat us. When we feel happy, the voice says: “Yeah, this can’t last.” When we’re about to attempt something, it whispers: “Watch out. You’re gonna fail.” And when we do succeed, the voice dismisses: “That was just luck…

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Without you

I hop on a train,
Go to a faraway land,
With lakes and mountains,
Flowers and birds,
Quiet and serene,

What a beautiful sunset,
Wish he was here,
He would have loved the coloured strokes on the sky,
And the chai,
So refreshing,
But he makes the best tea..
Oh, I so wish he was here..

So I pack myself,
Hop on a train,
Return to my land,
Land where I belong,
My home,
Watch the sunset on my beach,
With you,
Resting my head on your shoulder,
Quiet and serene



Exploring the world of Haiku- My first attempt!

How do you start 2015 with a bang? Of course by joining an online poetry writing course!!! My first assignment was to use Robert Hass’s sketching techniques to write a one, two, three, or four line poem by observing my immediate environment. This is the first time I tried to find inspiration in objects. It was a very refreshing experience! Sharing my work with all of you. Please leave your suggestions or feedback. Would love to learn from all of you. Happy Writing!!


Do artificial flowers wilt away?

Or do they just keep pretending to be alive.


Brown and red together reflecting each other’s hue,

Defining what being one means to me.


Wind is adding wings to the curtain to fly,

Why is it still holding to the rod to find stability?


Whiteness of my bed sheet cuts through my soul,

Blank and still, like a few lives around me.


Annoying noise of useless sounds,

Why these upset my mind?


Two breathing souls warming up my heart,

Are they listening to my thoughts?


He is away but not far,

He breathes when I close my eyes.  


4 lines summing up the world

It is beautiful, It is wide,

It doesn’t fit into my eyes,

But my vision is where the problem lies.

~~~~~~~~~~ Happy Evolving!!