Happy Blogging anniversary to me!!

WordPress just wished a happy anniversary to me!!


Thank you everyone for being such an awesome addition to my life. Your encouraging comments, inputs and support has made my life so much better. Thank you for taking out the time to read and share my thoughts. You all are wonderful companions!!

The strange thing is that when I am feeling low somehow I get so much love or inspiring comments from this space that it instantly cheers me up.

I have learnt so much from this experience. Sharing a few epiphanies courtesy Inspiring Evolution:

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The tragedy of being different

Recently, we decided to try a gluten-free diet after hearing about its health benefits. We got to know that it is not a new fad but a very ancient way of healthy eating quite prevalent in India. We are noticing a lot of positive health benefits and have made this a part of our lives.

Whenever we go out to eat with friends , the moment we declare that we eat gluten-free, we get bombarded with a volley of questions from all corners. Sometimes questions are followed by smirks, a discouraging talk, a chirpy talk on “live to eat” and some inexplicable expressions. What really upsets me is when people get judgmental about you and your life based on a life choice. Why? Just because I am trying something different.

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Loving you!!


Standing under the dark sky,

I reflect light,

People say it is my mystic touch,

I know it is your internal bliss,

Shining through me,

Your admiration,

Your love!!

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Day of epiphanies(part 3)- My 50th post!!

Sharing some of my epiphanies or as Oprah calls it AHA moments with you. Happy Evolving!



No day is special. It is what you do in that day and how you decide to treat that day is what makes it special. If you receive each day with this refreshed perspective, every day can be special, very special.


How you treat yourself is far more important in shaping your being, than how others treat you. So, please treat yourself with kindness, love and empathy.

Happy Birthday to me!!


YES!!! Today is the biggest event of the year, my birthday!!! Happy Birthday to ME!!

Thank you so much for being such wonderful additions to my life. I think the amazing gifts that i got in this past year was this wonderful space to express and support and love of my virtual family.

I love being part of this family. Where everyone is honest and truthful. Nobody is playing any role and just believe in sharing their passion and stories with others.

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Second step into the art world-sharing two of our creations

Do you guys remember my first step into the art world a few months back? You can click here to know more about our beginning days in the art world..

Now I am completely, deeply  and madly in love with the journey of creating an art piece.  Learning anything new is so inspiring and rejuvenating! Specially when it is full of so many vibrant colors, heartfelt expressions and deep rooted expectations.

Sharing the two additions to our collection 🙂

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Happy Anniversary Hubby!

We celebrated seven years of being together yesterday. On the 19th of September, we took the first step towards our relationship by committing to each other for a life long journey.

Our love story is very simple, sweet and magical. We met through common friends in Mumbai, India, on the 16th of September and we started seeing each other on the 19th. I will share details of what happened in those four days with all of you soon. I find it very tough to put in words what I felt during those four days ( this is my third failed attempt 🙂 ) but I will try real soon as I have wanted to share this story for a very long time now.

Yesterday, I wrote a small poem for Puneet on a card that I made using handmade paper, charcoal colors and some paper cut outs. Sharing the poem with my virtual family. Happy Loving!!




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Being away from the world of words

I was away from the blogging world a few weeks back. We were on a holiday in Manipal, Karnataka with friends.

My thoughts on what I felt being away from this virtual world, that feels more real than the one we see, touch and feel everyday.



I was away,

Away from a world of words,

Enriching thoughts,

Deep hidden desires,

Constant movement,

And tempestuous passions.


I was away,

Away from a world where words are everything,

Honest expressions,

Soul stirring emotions,

Encouraging pats,

And profound memories .


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