About Me



Thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it and hope you like what you read.

A few quick facts about me-

– I have lived in 2 countries and 5 cities in the past 6 years.

– I have just too many names but I will share two. Baldeep is my official name; Deepa is what my friends call me.

– I am a huge Paulo Coelho, Khaled Hosseini and Eckhart Tolle fan. Love their writing style!

– Puneet, my best friend who is also my hubby, is the most adorable guy in the world. So true!

– Music is something which is very close to my heart

– Writing is like meditating for me. It takes me to another world.

– I am a big foodie. I try new cuisines all the time. I believe food is the best way to understand a different culture

– I practice Reiki quite often. I am level 1 trained and am planning to get trained for all levels.

– I have recently delved into acrylic painting and creating art from scrap. An absolute amateur.

– I am working on a business idea based on positive psychology and appreciative inquiry.I am hoping to touch many lives through my business idea and help them be more than what they can be.

– I volunteer as an online counselor on Wizpert, an online forum to seek help and advice.

When you enter my world, I hope to inspire you to think about life in a different unusual way, and motivate you to try finding answers to all those unanswered questions that are buried deep down in your soul.

I truly wish my words give you the strength to leave your past behind, live in present and work toward a beautiful tomorrow.

I will also use this platform to spread awareness about abuse, whether it is sexual, emotional or physical. You are welcome to share any useful information on this social issue on my blog.

Thanks again for visiting! Please do share your thoughts to inspire me to write more.

Sending lots of love and smiles your way.

— Baldeep/Deepa

Email: k.baldeep@yahoo.com


To know more about me, please read the links below:

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Letter to my soul

Being Me


158 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Damn!! Your face- that’s so so so familiar. I’m getting mad. I’m getting a feeling that I’ve seen you before. Ah!!!!!
    Anyways, you’ve a lovelyy site and I love it so very much ❤


    • Hi Apeksha..Thanks for your lovely comment…I have a horrible memory so not sure if we have met before..In case we have not, drop in to my place any time you are in Bangalore. would love to meet you.Happy evolving!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Nah we haven’t met.
        But still your dp drives me crazzzy😂 i guess you resemble one of my knowns! And great to know you live in Bangalore, for I’ve been there before. A LOVELY PLACE😍😄


  2. Hey. I’m glad that I found your blog. You look really experienced as far as blogging is concerned. Therefore the bio is also very well written. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to your future posts 🙂


  3. Hari Om! Baldeep,

    A blogger friend of mine nominated me for Liebster, and I nominated your blog for Liebster’s award as well.

    I took this opportunity to get in touch with fellow bloggers who share similar interests. I think it’s kind of fun to get to know each other personally.

    Participation is not compulsory, I did it for fun, so feel free to join in if you like.

    Link: http://grabyourmind.com/2014/04/28/liebster-award-nomination/

    Krishna Dev

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Krishna,

      Thank you so much for this award. I went through your blog. I found it extremely pure and honest; qualities that are absolutely precious. Your words have calmness and serenity.

      I am really happy to connect with you through our blogs. I am sure I will learn a lot from you. Unknowingly, you cleared a doubt in my head.

      Please stay connected! Hope to hear more from you and Happy Evolving!!

      ~Deepa ( or you can choose a special name like you do for your friends :))


      • Hari Om, Deepa,

        “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” 🙂

        Thank you so much for your kind words, it really means a lot to me. You are a very sweet person.

        Krishna Dev


    • Hi. Thank you for all the likes and your comment! I appreciate that you took out the time to read so many posts.

      I started this blog almost a year back. I don’t do any SEO things, do not promote my blog a lot and I don’t pay much attention to stats. What I do is I write what I truly feel & my posts are honest. I have formed some very strong friendships in this virtual world which inspires me to write.I share my posts on my social media pages. I make a point to thank a follower or a visitor. That’s it. Basically I follow no rules. Nothing special. 🙂
      Not sure if that is very helpful advice but I have told you my approach toward my blog. If you need more constructive advice, there is lot of information out there.
      I hope and wish the best for your blog. Stay connected!:)

      Liked by 1 person

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