Ignorance is NOT bliss


Empty people,

do not fill me up,

with your ignorance,

because whoever said ignorance is bliss,

was ignorant of  what  bliss feels like.

Bliss is my daughter’s laughter,

Bliss is a loving touch,

Bliss is my self-belief,

Bliss is a friend’s kind words.

Ignorance is hatred,

Ignorance is hurt,

And above all,

Ignorance is a disease,

that spreads like wildfire.



4 thoughts on “Ignorance is NOT bliss

    • When we look around in what’s happening around all us, its amazing to see how ignorance is being celebrated..I have recently realized that ignorance/negative energy is a powerful power booth, that if capitalized properly can make anything happen…How do we tackle that? Spread awareness, positive energy and remember words have power to heal and teach..:)

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  1. Well written esp the line whoever said ignorance is bliss did not know what Bliss feels like….

    BTW, who pisses you off?



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