Epiphanies- part 4

Sharing a few ” Aha” moments ~~

~~What others expect of you matters only if you feel insecure within your soul. Otherwise, those expectations do not matter in your mind and heart. When you feel secure, you absorb only what you think will add positively to your life.

~~ You can be whatever you want to be. Good or bad. A visionary or a worker. A thinker or a doer. Polite or rude. You have every emotion in you. So whatever you are today is by choice and not by accident.

~~ Every dream matters, even if it is small and ambiguous. In reality, most dreams start small. Slowly slowly layers get added, and at times deleted before your holistic vision comes together.

~~ It is extremely important to enjoy every journey to completely absorb any achievement. If you will not learn to enjoy the journey, any achievement will only feed your ego and not build your character. It is not about becoming something in life, it is about building a strong character, brick by brick, everyday . A character of strength, dignity, morals that is grounded in the realities of spirituality, and a sense of giving.

Happy evolving!


8 thoughts on “Epiphanies- part 4

  1. I loved the last two words HAPPY EVOLVING .. aint that true because that what we do each day .. depending on our experience of the day a bit of us changes even if we dont realise .. the mind holds that experience and next time we are in a similar situation .. we find it Known..

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