Broken pieces of life

I don’t look back in life, 

But at times those broken pieces of life,

Shine like a mirror reflecting light,

Blur my vision,

And shout,

We still exist,

You can ignore us,

But we will rise again and again,

Till our presence shatters your future.


I smile and say,

Ghosts from my past,

I am not fighting you,

I choose my battles,

You are not worth a fight,

You are a memory of a void,

A void that no longer exists.

So, reappear as often as you want,

Your presence is inconsequential,

Live with that,

or better,



Happy Living!!



9 thoughts on “Broken pieces of life

  1. Words worth dwelling upon… I could almost feel the pain and hurt, yet the wisdom shined through and it is that wisdom and faith which counts and keeps us on our feet, moving forward. Wonderfully expressed… loved the last couple lines. 🙂


  2. Your words touched my soul and it felt like you said something that I was thinking of ….just that I never knew how to express. Beautiful, very beautiful I must say.


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