Exploring the world of Haiku- My first attempt!

How do you start 2015 with a bang? Of course by joining an online poetry writing course!!! My first assignment was to use Robert Hass’s sketching techniques to write a one, two, three, or four line poem by observing my immediate environment. This is the first time I tried to find inspiration in objects. It was a very refreshing experience! Sharing my work with all of you. Please leave your suggestions or feedback. Would love to learn from all of you. Happy Writing!!


Do artificial flowers wilt away?

Or do they just keep pretending to be alive.


Brown and red together reflecting each other’s hue,

Defining what being one means to me.


Wind is adding wings to the curtain to fly,

Why is it still holding to the rod to find stability?


Whiteness of my bed sheet cuts through my soul,

Blank and still, like a few lives around me.


Annoying noise of useless sounds,

Why these upset my mind?


Two breathing souls warming up my heart,

Are they listening to my thoughts?


He is away but not far,

He breathes when I close my eyes.  


4 lines summing up the world

It is beautiful, It is wide,

It doesn’t fit into my eyes,

But my vision is where the problem lies.

~~~~~~~~~~ Happy Evolving!!


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