Are you a member of the new “Indian Mard (man) club”?

He cooks like a pro. He changes baby’s diaper easily. He is sensitive. He chooses to work from home to take care of kids. He treats his wife like a queen.

In the world of new improved ” Indian Mard (man) club”, there are many real heroes; real “Indian mard” who takes pride in being a family man; who just like the woman of the house keeps his family’s wishes before his own.

Every positive transformation brings with it a bag full of goodies. The new and improved “Indian Mard” has a life full of love, laughter, happiness and support. A life where his children don’t run to their room to avoid dad’s frustration when he returns home from work.

A life where his wife does not fear refusing him at night. A life where parents are not afraid to tell their son that their medicines are over fearing that he will insult them. A life where he is not playing a passive role in her little sister’s wedding because his ego is hurt. A life where he does not treat his own daughter like his life’s biggest failure. A life where he does not make fun of a friend who wants to leave a party early to be with his wife. A life where he is not afraid to stop his friends from being disrespectful to women on streets.

A life where he is not known for his abusive behavior, short temper and self centeredness.

A life where he is not deprived of his children’s laughter, sister’s affection, wife’s love and parents blessings.

To every member of the new improved “Indian mard club”, I salute your journey. I admire your strength to break those traditions and standing up for what is right even when society does not think twice before calling you ” hen-pecked or joru ka ghulam” or ” weak”or ” domesticated” or ” a well-trained husband” or a “mama’s boy”. I understand your journey has not been easy but it is great to see you playing your new refined role with such perfection. A heartfelt thank you for being such a great dad, son, brother, husband and a friend. We truly love you!

Please keep adding more and more members to your club. We are with you at each step.

Keep Evolving Indian Mard!!!




24 thoughts on “Are you a member of the new “Indian Mard (man) club”?

  1. So nice of you to bring this refreshing perspective for the new ‘Indian Mard’ :-)..
    Thanks from all the members of The New Indian Mard club..great going..


  2. Such a nice one ! Irrespective of whatever names the biased society gives to such wonderful men , I adore them sincerely. I hope one day the whole male breed follow the same principles. We need loving and sensible men around. Not those loathsome ones.
    Cheers to the Indian Mard club 🙂


  3. Very nicely put Deepa. Being caring and thoughtful should be a norm and not an exception. Society at this point really needs to evolve, its time we let go of our old skin and banish all stereotypes. Because thats the only way we can usher an era of true equality and happiness. Again your words have amazing power keep inspiring.

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