What to do when nothing feels right?

Why do you tell everyone about your problems?

Be strong. Why are you so weak?

Listen to my advice. Keep your problems to yourself. People make fun of you.

Do you need everyone’s pity or sympathy? I don’t understand.

Learn to manage your emotions. Everyone faces problems. Be strong and face it. There is no point in talking about it all the time.

Do you need attention?


In our world, it is important to show your happy successful front all the time. It is rare when people showcase their true feelings, online or offline, out of fear of hearing comments similar to the ones I have mentioned above. Is this the reason behind a huge increase in number of suicides, depression cases and other psychological issues in our society?

Whenever I have faced any issues, I have always believed in talking about it. I have tried my best to reach out to people to ask for help. I never thought that I am being weak by being honest. I always looked at my need to express as a natural therapeutic process. A process where when I need help, I simply ask for it. It is like when you are hungry, you ask for food.

This modern world mantra of “put your best foot forward always” is not helping anyone. My advice to everyone who is going through a tough time is to talk about it. Keep seeking help till you reach that right person who is sensitive, mature and empathetic enough to look beyond his or her own life to help you with yours.  But with that it is equally important to help yourself. It is imperative that you do not  lead yourself into a cocoon of darkness, where you are alone, hopeless and heartbroken. You have to help yourself. That is the first step towards recovery.

Let’s discuss some tools:

~ There are online platforms such as Wizpert where you can talk about your issues. I am a part of Wizpert where I help people with emotional issues for free.

~ There is no shame in seeking professional help. You can go to Hope network for a free counseling session.

~ Delve deeper into your spiritual being, even if you don’t believe in any religion or in the concept of God. There is positive energy all around you. Tap into it through meditation to achieve inner peace. Reiki is another very beneficial tool to calm mental stress.

~ Help others. This will give you immense energy to fight your own battles. Associate with a cause or an organization and devote at least a few hours twice a month.

~ Write a journal or pick any creative medium to express yourself.

~ Take out some time to read these books

The Power of Now- Eckhart Tolle

The Magic- Rhonda Bryne. This book has very powerful gratitude exercises. I strongly recommend it.

~ Create a life plan. Write down your top 5 goals in life, and what steps you need to take to achieve those in the coming year. This exercise will help you be goal-oriented and believe in the bigger picture.

And above all, dive deep into your own soul to find your inner treasure of courage, strength and happiness. Take a vow now to make your life a story of your strengths.

Happy Evolving!


16 thoughts on “What to do when nothing feels right?

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

      I agree with you. Bad times strengthens our character. Such ahrd times gives us an opportunity to be more than what we can be.

      Stay connected and Happy evolving!


  1. some very useful information alongwith important insights of accepting life as it is. always striving to be perfect is not healthy and can take a toll on our health (both mental & physical) too! Great post Deepa! 🙂


  2. Very inspiring. I really like the part where you draw parallels between physical and emotional hunger. I truly believe if and only if we have courage to talk about our struggles in life, it will be much more easier. Also liked the line where you point out that lets talk to each other rather than about each other. Great job.


  3. One of the best blog post I have read in the day so far. Your post justify those “About Me” blog descriptions which says that we want to bring in the change through our writing. Great Post. All the best.


    • Thank you Vishal for such encouraging words! 🙂

      Change is a more internal process. What we can aim to do is to provide that external perspective tthrough our words to help in the process of transformation.

      Stay connected!


  4. I like the way the post starts. It shows very clearly how most of us are programmed to behave. But a point of caution, is to know where and to whom to disclose the inner self or confide in…

    Loved the post!!!! Keep writing


    • Thanks so much for reading!

      Yeah definetely be cautious but the idea is to not close yourself and live in a shell.

      Reaching out is important.

      I ahve heard all the comments that I have mentioned in the beginning. I agree I reached out to many wrong people but just because i continued doing that, i met some wonderful people on the way. 🙂


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