Roles People Play

In the journey of life,

don’t expect love from me,

I have nothing to give,

except abuses and humiliation, I will destroy your self-esteem,

I will challenge your courage,

your strength,

I am your nemesis.


In the journey of life,

I will love you like no on else,

protect your fragility and innocence,

give you enough space to fly,

I will challenge you gently,

stir your soul,

warn you of imminent dangers,

give you enough warmth and comfort,

to pass every windy night,

I am your friend.


In the journey of life,

we will teach you valuable life lessons,

in our own interesting ways,

just be open to receive,

just be open to appreciate our gifts,

let us play our role to perfection,

we promise that in the journey of life,

we will help you be who you are.


Be aware of the role you play in soneone’s life. Your words and actions have the power to destroy or build a life. Please use such immense power effectively. The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but, it is fear - Mahatma Gandhi Website -


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