Can women have it all?

Can women have it all?

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi recently told The Atlantic, with rare honesty and a lot of laughter, that women can’t have it all. Speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival , she said, “I don’t think women can have it all. I just don’t think so. We pretend we have it all. We pretend we can have it all.”

First of all, Lets change the question to include our lovely men too. It is ludicrous to assume that men have it all or don’t care to have it all.

Can men or women have it all?

Umm… there is still something wrong with this question.

Why is it necessary to have it “all”?

There are many among us who don’t want to get married. There are many who don’t care much about the professional rat race and the “designation tags”. There are many who are happy taking care of kids at home. There are many who do not feel the need to go on what I call ” Facebook vacations”. There are many who do not need a fancy car, a big house or an iPhone to feel accomplished. 

But still we all work every day in building every possible aspect of life, even the ones we don’t care about.

I feel we all should have an honest conversation with our inner being to understand what we really want in life to be happy, and then work toward achieving those goals, without turning life into a battle. Lets figure out a creative life plan listing all what our heart desires, and not what people expect us to achieve as per social standards.

This exercise helps in creating a life in sync with who we are. The drawback could be that our life will look very different from that of others around us. We may have issues relating to people we have known for years, but I think we can live with that!

Everyday, lets take baby steps in making our dream life come alive.

Hope you find the time to answer this question~ what do you want in life? What are the things that will make your every year happier than the previous one?

Happy Evolving!!


23 thoughts on “Can women have it all?

  1. Brilliant i say! And these is where today’s problem is ..when asked ‘What do you want in life’ most reply ‘Everything/ (All)’ and even if someone ‘knows’ that say they want a vacation, it turns out they want a ‘facebook vacation’ (btw..jjst loved this term, so apt)!
    So only hope is someday, kids ( i call this group kids), grow up someday and wake up and ask ‘What do i want in life’ and then perhaps, ‘ how do i make this world a better place’?..
    thanks for sharing


  2. Nice one deepa…hope you don’t mind me calling you by that name.. 🙂 liked your concept of a creative life plan…and though our lives will be different…whose life follows identical paths? Those who say that are just hiding the differences..


    • Hi Saya,

      I really like your name. Ofcourse you can call me Deepa. Thank you for taking out the time to read and comment. It always feels great to hear from my virtual friends.

      “hiding the differrences”…beautiful expression. I think most of us in trying to fit in with others try out best to cover up our differences. Imagine what a beautiful world it will be if everyone shines in his or her strengths!

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  3. You have turned a dumb question into such a positive and interesting one. Loved the concept Ma’m…. having it ‘all’ is not necessary actually, having what you wish for, is. Beautiful writing ❤


  4. the thing is WHAT is this , having it all.. what is it that makes it having it all.. because we humans are such when we have something we want , we already have the second thing we want ..

    so I dont think normal’s human can have it all, no matter if it is men or women..

    but i like what you say that we need to have this conversation with our innerself and also what we need to do is , what ever we want we need to work for it and then LEave it be..

    I have this conversation a lot of times with myself but sadly i am a mere mortal and as i said i still need a few more things .. so the circle never stops

    Facebook vacation 🙂 I like that .. thank god i have been off facebook no for years and what a relief it is 🙂


    • 🙂

      There is no harm in wanting more and more in life. I constantly crave for growth. What is important is wanting more and more of what makes you happy; and not what makes your neighbors or peers envy..


      • 🙂 yes but then the world we live in its more about neighbors and peers 🙂

        also one needs to know when they think they want this or that .. Can they really have it , I mean it will be silly of me to think of buying a ferrari with the salary i get , or wanting to buy that 6 bedroom house down my lane , which i know for sure i cant afford 🙂


        • Materialistically, yes, our wants should fit into our budget. For everything else, there is planet earth and an open sky ask whatever your heart desires.

          As far as our world goes, there are many mini worlds on planet earth. every person is different. So why should our worlds look so similar..Think differently!!


  5. Facebook vacations…. Ha ha ha… I agree.
    Such a beautiful perspective. I have always had this perspective of finding happiness in things that make YOU happy and not the society. You can always gift them a box of chocolates to please…


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