Batman in my house

On Sunday, a batman, minus the man part, decided to grace our house with its presence. I was alone in the house doing prep work for a culinary experiment, gluten-free pizza. Puneet had gone out to buy some ingredients. When I went to the living room,  I saw this HUGE bat flying  back and forth between my bedroom and the dining room. The moment it saw me standing all exposed, it flew toward me. I shrieked, ran to the kitchen, shut the kitchen door with a thud, and hid in the kitchen for 20-30 minutes; basically till my knight in shining armor came to save the damsel in distress. I made my dear husband search every nook and corner of the house but it seemed that Mr.Bat had flown back to where it belonged.

After an hour long search, I calmed down. This horrific incident ( at least to me) still troubles me. I know the bat is gone but it’s still present in my mind. Much like any other fear or bad incident that happened in the past. That fear, argument, injustice, abuse, heartbreak that happened in the past, but we decide to relive it everyday. A few of those bad moments still affect our being but most of them are foggy thoughts that hold no relevance in our present but we consciously decide to cover our minds and our lives with it.

Only if we could find a way to either cage these bats and train them to behave themselves and not enter our lives when they please to do so or find a way to exist peacefully in their presence..

Till all of us find a magical solution, shriek, scream, write, play loud music, cry or do whatever it takes to fight these unwelcome visitors. Just make sure that you keep expressing yourself so that you don’t let these bats become a permanent unwanted guest, who starts behaving like the house owner.

Happy living !!!










14 thoughts on “Batman in my house

  1. WordPress seems to be acting up andi t won’t let me press the like button so I thought I’d drop a comment and say that I can definitely relate to the bat incident. A bat flew around in circles inside our house, too, coming in from one window and going out another while I sat in front of the TV so engrossed that it took me a while to realize that the bat was not part of the show I was watching. 🙂 I love how you related that to the breeding of negative thoughts and well, I enjoyed the post because we definitely do need to rein in those negative emotions.


  2. Remember, in the batman movies, young Bruce Wayne was scared of bats until he conquered fear and accepted them as his friends. 😀 Are we expecting a ‘Batwoman’ now?


    • :).. I don’t see it happening in this lifetime. May be in the next lifetime…on second thought even then would prefer a spider woman over a bat woman…spider woman would be way cooler!!! 😉


  3. Love the lines, A few of those bad moments still affect our being but most of them are foggy thoughts that hold no relevance in our present but we consciously decide to cover our minds and our lives with it.

    It’s so true and such a beautiful lesson to learn..the storm shall pass till then find beauty in them:)


  4. You poor love! Last time something like that happened to me it was a pigeon flying in from the balcony. My mum almost had a heart attack and she locked me in the room to get rid of it.

    I don’t know what it is about animals entering our home that gets us so on edge!! It’s the violation loool


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