Workings of an Insecure Mind

An insecure human mind can trick itself into seeing things that are not there. It turns out that the less control a person feels, the more likely they are to see patterns or make connections that don’t exist. The take-home message is that just because we perceive something, it doesn’t mean it’s really there.

So, here’s my list of signs to understand workings of an insecure mind:

~~ It does not assign responsibility; just blames.


~~ When mind loses it, It blames the heart for everything. Trust me. It is not true.

~~ It listens to everyone, all the time. It compares your life with people around  and tries to make you believe that grass is not just greener, but softer and fresher on the other side.

~~ It fills life with unnecessary, negative, pessimistic, vain, resentful,vengeful ,sneaky, glum, sadistic, ego-centric adjectives.

~~Uses mysterious sneaky ways to unsettle your soul by making you rethink about every pointless hiccup in life; from a past lover to a decade old fight with a friend.

The good news is that there is a way to beat this hard-wired self-deception. What works for me is completely focusing on my inner self. Take a break from everything for a day, make a cup of cocoa, and  write. Write to yourself without thinking about what to write . Listen to your heart  immerse yourself in its compassion, love, kindness, and pure thoughts & just write. Words have the magical power to look beyond the obvious and heal every wound.

Another thing that works for me is a gratitude exercise from Rhonda Byrne’s book, the Magic. List down 10 things that you are truly grateful about in life. And Yes, the Einstein exercise. Walk hundred steps and say a heartfelt thank you at every step. I read in Rhonda’s book that Einstein did this exercise daily.

Try these exercises and feel free to share your experiences here! I am all ears!!!!


Keep Evolving!


Deep Dark Eyes


Deep dark eyes,

still, glum, soulless,

searching for hope,

to hold on to survive.


Deep dark eyes,

still,glum, soulless,

traveling alone,

in the endless forest,

sees an angelic shadow,

floating behind a white light.


Deep dark eyes,

still, glum, soulless,

submerges in radiance of the divine light ,

hears a sweet whisper,

keep walking,

you will survive.


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