Because I am happy

If I buy a new car, I will be really happy.

The day I find my someone special , I will be really happy.

If I find a job, I will be really happy.

If I get admission in that college, I will be really happy.

Is happiness a destination? Do we need to reach a certain magical point in life to feel happy?


Is happiness a commitment?

A daily commitment to live life to the fullest. A commitment to enjoy the ride till our deepest desires see the light of day. A commitment to keep the faith even when life takes a wrong turn. A commitment to enjoy every day. A commitment to neither wander off in the past to look for explanations for things that went wrong nor fly off to the distant future to predict what can go wrong; a commitment to not embark on a time travel journey, that starts at regret and guilt, and ends at fears and insecurities.

When I am on the road, I constantly look out of the window searching for a moment that I have not experienced before. An odd-looking tree. A beautiful maroon flower. Funny bumper sticker on a car. Local school kids enjoying their afternoon treat. Pink/purple painted houses (yes, there are many in Pondicherry). Street art decorative pieces made of clay, cane or wax laid out on a plastic sheet.

I believe happiness is a commitment to look beyond the obvious. To look beyond what is going wrong in my life. To look beyond my desires. To look beyond my wish list. To look beyond the daily grunt of life to find that tiny speck of happiness hidden in my life. To not take any day for granted and make the most of what I have. To create beautiful relationships in my life, invest my time and energies in people and be vulnerable. Completely out there without any guards.

What does happiness mean to you?


22 thoughts on “Because I am happy

  1. In Love with your writing style… You always manage to convey your feelings so convincingly.. Such a beautiful thought… I hope to be unconditionally happy now… Thanx.


    • I will definitely watch this video. Thanks for sharing.

      I agree that happiness is a state of mind. I wish I reach that stage in this lifetime..right now is more of a search in little things here and there..Hope that search finds eternal bliss someday


  2. Noway…This Cannot be A Coincidence!
    I was supposed to pen a few lines on Happiness earlier this week… had to postpone… now I see a well written one on the same… very nicely written. Thumbs Up.


  3. Happiness is the desire to look beyond the comfort zone, indulge in simple joy, make someone smile and giving to life. Happiness is chucking out the ‘human blinkers’ that we wear:)
    Beautiful post spreading happiness, Baldeep:)


  4. Happiness means putting my head on the pillow and going to sleep soundly .. without all the thoughts of i did not do this, or y i did that.. etc etc etc
    we are all trying to achieve that happiness which is very reclusive because in our little mortal life when we get something , we start looking for something else .. forgetting what we had .. hence the constant go to look for happiness

    lovely post ..


    • True!

      It is like a never ending quest.

      But I have seen when we get that thing that we wanted so much, it just gives momentary is the little everyday things that add more happiness


      • oh yes definitely.. always the little things..

        and this may sound stupid or silly , you know the one thing that makes me so very happy almost everyday is that when i am walking about for work.. its strangers who just look , eyes meet and they smile or i smile at them they respond

        or some even say hello or good morning etc etc..

        I mean world would be sucha beautiful place if we all just smiled at each other and just said hello ..


        • I know exactly what you mean. When we moved to Denver Co, i was so happy to be around such polite people. I would take a bus to college and walk from the bus stop to college listening to bollywood part of my day..Once I was feeling very low, and the rtd driver cheered me up by saying something funny…oh i miss Denver!! Small joys of life


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