A decision that can change your life!

two rainbowsEvery moment has the potential to change your life drastically. Every moment has the wings to take you to the top of the mountain, where life looks magnanimous and the air fills your senses with contentment. That moment does everything in its power to make you feel that the world has finally paid its due and that your faith in destiny was not baseless. That moment takes you closest to your soul and helps you experience the best feeling in the world. The feeling of being in love with yourself. At that divine moment, you suddenly love being YOU!

Your flaws are all still there. Your past failures are still visible as scars on your soul. But still, you love yourself.

I wonder what empowers such moments; divine energy, God, destiny, luck…Or me..

I…..Do I have the power to create such divine moments?

Yes, I do…

At that moment, I decided to count my blessings; love, strength, harmony, relationships, food, water, air, friends, marriage, vacations, health, wealth, education…..I could not count after a while because of an overwhelming sense of gratitude that was expressing itself as tiny droplets from my eyes. I was experiencing an invigorating rush of positive energy within me,  immense warmth in my heart and an overflowing love for my soul.

But wait a minute…  Loving yourself cannot be that easy. It a complicated process. Such divine moments are rare.

Are you trying to say that I have the power to create such divine moments in my life every day if I decide to focus on my smiles rather than on my wounds?

Happy Loving Yourself!






28 thoughts on “A decision that can change your life!

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  2. yes you are right?unless i love myself i can’t love others.There comes some situations where you keep on cursing yourself,hate yourself why on earth did you do it?right?
    A small poem-http://sherinchelad.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/i-feel/


  3. A teacher entered into the classroom, as the students realized the presence of the teacher they quickly settled down and there was pin drop silence.
    The teacher cleaned the blackboard, picked up a chalk and marked a tiny dot on the blackboard and asked the students “What do you see?”.

    Some students replied that they saw a white dot, some said that they could see nothing as they were sitting too far from the blackboard.

    Well, the teacher smiled and said “Don’t you see the whole blackboard? Don’t you see me standing in-front of the blackboard?”

    The irony of life that we keep focusing on small dots of life and the life with all it’s beauty just passes by.
    Refreshing article, Deepa.


  4. “you are not made up of the words that hurt you”….that is one of the lines i loved apart from several others 🙂 enjoyed reading this post 🙂 feeling good after reading it…


  5. very true.. you got to love yourself to make yourself lovable. 🙂 and if you are lovable others will love you toooo 🙂

    so start from yourself always 🙂 I learnt this over the past year , because of the ups and downs of life ..

    meaningful post .. thanks for sharing


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