I like this award!!!

Award!Award!Award!It feels good to be remembered and appreciated by fellow bloggers. Thank you Krishna for choosing my blog for Liebster Award. Krishna writes about spiritual realities of life and brings out the profound differences between fiction and reality. His space is genuine, honest and inspirational. Please visit his home at Grab your mind.  You will love it! Liebster nomination for Grabyourmind.com This award requires some serious introspection.  So here it goes: 11 personal facts (phew!!)..I don’t like rules so I will just write whatever comes naturally. 🙂

1. I have a strong connection with Ireland. I love that country. I once dreamed of a place I had never even heard of before. Next morning, during a random Yahoo news reading, I saw a picture of the same place, just the way I saw it in my dream. Spooky!! I love Irish music , Celtic harp and Irish coffee. I wish I get a chance to stay there in this life.

Poolbeg Lighthouse,Dublin Port- exactly how I dreamed!

2-I am more of an ocean lover than mountains.

3- We eat gluten-free. New addition to our lives and loving it so far. It is not a weight-loss diet but more of a healthy eating alternative. I wrote a post  on my gluten-free experience.

4- We will move to Bangalore some time in the next year. Bought a place there. I am dreading leaving Chennai. My house is right on the beach here. I love my ocean!

5- I love Sufi Music!

6- I love black and white photography. B&W photographs have a lot of depth. I clicked the one below. Want to see more, Click here!











Now the 11 nominator questions: 🙂

1- Why do you blog or write?

I blog to express my feelings and to add a new life perspective to my readers. I write to explore within and to help my readers answer those deep down buried questions.

2- The biggest challenge you faced in your life and how did you overcome it?

Biggest challenge for me has been to break all precondition thought patterns and create new ones that are in sync with who I am. It is tough to do so but writing and reading helps. My blog and all my blogger friends have helped me a lot in this journey!

3-If money didn’t matter, what profession would you choose?

If money did not matter, I will NEVER work. I will eat, play, read and write.

4-Your most regretful moment.

Decision to move to New Jersey from Denver. Horrible decision.

5-What is the importance of morality and ethics in your life?

Among the top 3 for sure. No shortcuts in life.

6- Three things you cannot live without.

Wide open sky. Love. Laughter

7- How often do you lie?

I don’t lie but I am a big drama queen. So I say things like oh I am feeling so sad when in reality I am fine, just to convince my friends to go out.  🙂

8-What do you know about God? Do you think there is a God? If not, what is logical reason for being an atheist.

I believe in a higher power. I am afraid to follow any religion or give a name or face to God. I am greedy. I want every God’s love!

9-If you could go back in time and change one moment in your life, what would it be?

I wish my Dad would have been with me while I was growing up. I lost him to cancer when I was 12. I wish I could take the medical treatments that we have today to the past so that he could live longer.

10- What is your dream holiday destination?

Of course Ireland but I want to live there for a year or so.

11-Do you think life is unfair?

I don’t know that but I do believe in the concept of karma, with a little personal twist. I believe whatever good or bad you do, you receive whatever you deserve in this life time. Everything gets balanced in the end.


Nominations & Nominator questions

Sending an award with love and positive energy!!

1- http://mysilentescapes.wordpress.com/

2- http://stilldaddyslittlegirl.wordpress.com/

3- http://officiallyglutenfree.com/


5- http://ashleynicole20.wordpress.com/

6- http://vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com/


8- http://sherinchelad.wordpress.com/


10- http://lifeasagarden.wordpress.com/

11- http://dianajuvenille.wordpress.com/

Questions for you:

  1. Why do you blog or write?
  2. The biggest challenge you faced in your life and how did you overcome it?
  3. If money didn’t matter, what profession would you choose?
  4. Your most regretful moment.
  5. What does success mean to you?
  6. 3 Things you cannot live without.
  7. What money means to you?
  8. What do you know about God? Do you think there is a God? If not, what is logical reason for being an atheist.
  9. If you could go back in time and change one moment in your life, what would it be?
  10. What is your dream holiday destination?
  11. Do you think life is unfair?

Lot of work but rules snapshot.Bend it if you like:

  1. Provide 11 personal facts .
  2. Answer the 11 nominator questions.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers that have inspired you and ask them 11 nominator questions.

~~~~~~~~~~~ Happy Evolving!!


28 thoughts on “I like this award!!!

  1. Congratulations! You are most deserving of this award. 🙂 Thank you, also, for nominating me! It means so much. 🙂 I apologize for taking so long to respond!


  2. Pingback: The Liebster Award, yet again :D | My Silent Escapes

  3. Hey, congratulations! Thanks for nominating me for this award.. Definitely looks like a lot of work, but hopefully, I’ll catch up to it soon! 😀 What you say about moving to New Jersey from Denver made me smile. 😛


  4. Hari Om, Deepa,

    Firstly, I would sincerely like to express my gratitude for your generous introduction about my blog.
    The questions which I framed for my nominees, were challenging. I myself like taking up tough challenges, that’s why I put up things which would challenge others as well.
    But, you managed to answer my questions quite comfortably. I can see the straightforwardness in your writing quite clearly.
    Very well done! 🙂

    I too love Sufi music, it kind of sinks into your soul. Isn’t it?

    Over and out,
    Krishna Dev


    • I loved answering your questions. It gave an opportunity to have another genuine and honest conversation with myself. So thank you for that!

      Sufi music touches your soul. It is divine. Just like writing. 🙂


      • Btw, have you tried Indian classical genre. If you have not gotten the opportunity to listen to classical yet, then I would recommend you to listen to some of the popular raga’s voiced by Pandit Jasraj and Pandit Bhimsen Joshi.
        Their majestic voice takes you to a completely different realm altogether.


  5. first time here .. congrats on the award ..

    and glad to know you more through this 🙂

    ireland is indeed beautiful 45 minutes from me 🙂 and the music as you say is beautifulllllllllllll… if you cna do visit scotland too , that is equally beaiutiful ..

    Lovely answers ..

    Bikramjit Singh


    • Hi Bikramjit,

      A big warm welcome to my space. Thank you so much for taking out the time to read and comment.
      I think I have some karmic or past life connection with Ireland. So good to know that you live nearby so now If I need to know anything, I know who to bug. Stay connected!:)


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