3 things I wish I had known in my 20’s

Choose your education based on your interests. Don’t follow the crowd. 

~~ I don’t know why on earth I decided to be in the marketing or management field. Not that I hate it, but it is definitely not my first love. Honestly, a year back I did not even know what made my heart tick. Unfortunately, when I was making career and education choices, I was going through a huge personal turmoil and had no mentor who could instill a macro perspective in me.

I had huge love for arts and psychology but I picked commerce in school because my friends were picking that specialization. I still remember a brief discussion with my best friend in school about taking up psychology. We both loved it but did not take it up for some silly reasons like it is uncool, our gang is taking commerce or who takes arts??.

Any way, current status is that I recently finished a certification course from University of Maryland in Psychology and I am pursuing a degree course in Master In Psychology from IGNOU. I also take online counselling sessions on Wizpert to help people sort out issues. In addition to that, I am planning to start my own business in life skills training (WIP) to deal with issues that inhibit our personal and professional  growth.

Learning: It is never too late to start. So go out there and take the first step toward what you love to do. Scale does not matter. Even if you decide to do it for free, you will learn a lot and it will give you ideas to generate profitable solutions.


Love is a very rare and magical emotion. Don’t waste it.

Come…fall in love,  tagline of a very famous romantic Hindi movie. Bollywood turns all of us into maniacs looking for love in any Raj, Prem or Simran. The funny thing is that most of our love stories are more like fiction novels than real life stories.

Did you notice how she smiled at me? I think she likes me!!

You know something. He writes take care in each text? I think he cares about me!!

Did you see he liked my picture on Facebook? He definitely loves me!!!!


Love is pure. Love is happiness. Love is growth. Love is peace.

If your love is not any of this, get out now. To find love and create strong bonds, first learn to LOVE YOURSELF and create connection with your inner self.

If someone tells you that love is an emotion of the past or love does not exist , please suggest a shrink to them. They need help as they are too afraid to be vulnerable and to live life to the fullest. So yes , a quick call to a shrink is mandatory.

Learning: Believe in love. Believe in the power of love and its sheer magic. Have faith. If you really want to find love, start your journey of self discovery . On a random day when you are least expecting, you will bump into love in a true Bollywood style!!


Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. And that is absolutely okay.

Most of the relationship issues we face in life are because of our intrinsic gender differences.

Think of relationship as a jigsaw puzzle where the woman is the left side of the puzzle pieces and the man is the right side of the puzzle pieces. Each piece is different, yet absolutely relevant to figure out the puzzle called life. If all the pieces are similar, the puzzle would remain an unsolved mystery.

Learning: Celebrate differences. Your life is beautiful because you two bring different attributes to make your relationship complete.


What are the things that you wish you had known earlier in life? Would love to hear your perspective!!


P.S: Please read the book, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. It is a great wedding gift too. 🙂



20 thoughts on “3 things I wish I had known in my 20’s

  1. I want to thank you for such a useful post. Especially for someone like me who will be stepping into 20s after some months. Great post.

    “Choose your education based on your interests. Don’t follow the crowd.”
    Completely agree!


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  3. I think we all made those mistakes well in my case it was more of my parents because in those days we never got an option.. it was what they decided .. 🙂

    LOVE :- well now that is a huge huge field , do we really know what love is or are we just thinking what it shud be or what we have felt it to be 🙂


    • I read somewhere recently that if you love to do something, add it to your life in whatever way possible. Your passion does not have to be your profession always. Sometimes it is even better that way because that gives you the freedom to pursue it the way you want to.

      Any emotion is too complex to have a standard definition. Love is an emotion we all have felt sometime in our lives and for sure it is a very strong distinct feeling.On the other hand,love is like any other emotion. We think about pain in a certain way or feel it a certain way too.


      • Totally agree with that , add it to your life and I do that. I have my full time job but I also have a part time job, which I always wanted , when i was studying in india I tried for 3 -4 years , passed every written exam but My father was not a millionaire to give that sort of money.. So now i do the same here in UK and I LOVE ITtttttttttt 🙂

        I think Love and me , like a lot of things .. dont go together 🙂 but then that is probably because ITS ME 🙂 he he he


        • Good to hear that! I like when create out of box solutions in life..

          Love and you don’t go together?!? I don’t believe you. There is not even a single soul on earth that is unworthy or incapable of love. 🙂


  4. hi…been quite a while. good to be back at your blog. still catching up on so much that i missed. loved your write up…especially your first point. I chose commerce too and i did my masters in psychology just after i got married. guess it happens to everyone. you know…doing something and then realizing it eons later 🙂 lovely post as always 🙂


    • Hi Preethi. Good to have you back! I wrote after a very long time too.

      Good to know that we have something in common. You are right. We all at some point in life choose things without much analysis but like someone said, better late than never! 🙂


  5. Nice post dear! As for the education choices, even I had taken up something which I did not want to much. As for seeking a change I cannot do it, at least not now, since things haven’t changed much. But yes, after reading your post I realise that I can definitely look for any opportunity to do what I could not. And thanks a lot for that ❤
    As for LOVE and BELIEVING IN DIFFERENCES, I can't agree with you more 🙂

    [P.S. You came up with a nice post when you thought you had hit the block :)]


  6. Hello Deepa,
    Well written post, thorough enjoyed reading it.
    I thought, you have written my story after reading first part 🙂
    Only the stream we had chosen and the real areas of interest are different.
    Part two and three, I have to say, it’s just perfect 🙂
    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.
    Have a beautiful day ahead 🙂


  7. Love the post, Baldeep. How I wish I was told to be myself, not get too conscious, follow my dreams, not get influenced by religious or moral yardstick and don’t follow the crowd cum weighing options in working in places that pay well.


    • True Vishal!

      My religious perceptions have changed so much. I am a little afraid to believe in any one religion. It creates so many biases on a subconscious level. I would rather be spiritual than religious.


      • Me too! There were too many bias against different faiths and Ive seen many relatives telling me not what is the truth but what they wanted me to believe. me too, I’m more into spiritual beliefs than religious.


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