Happy Blogging anniversary to me!!

WordPress just wished a happy anniversary to me!!


Thank you everyone for being such an awesome addition to my life. Your encouraging comments, inputs and support has made my life so much better. Thank you for taking out the time to read and share my thoughts. You all are wonderful companions!!

The strange thing is that when I am feeling low somehow I get so much love or inspiring comments from this space that it instantly cheers me up.

I have learnt so much from this experience. Sharing a few epiphanies courtesy Inspiring Evolution:

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The tragedy of being different

Recently, we decided to try a gluten-free diet after hearing about its health benefits. We got to know that it is not a new fad but a very ancient way of healthy eating quite prevalent in India. We are noticing a lot of positive health benefits and have made this a part of our lives.

Whenever we go out to eat with friends , the moment we declare that we eat gluten-free, we get bombarded with a volley of questions from all corners. Sometimes questions are followed by smirks, a discouraging talk, a chirpy talk on “live to eat” and some inexplicable expressions. What really upsets me is when people get judgmental about you and your life based on a life choice. Why? Just because I am trying something different.

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Life As It Is- Finding Love- The Indian Way

What is winning? Is it getting what we always desire or is it achieving what people around decide for us or is it losing out on those small battles and still coming out as a stronger person and continue living on our own terms? Each time I have been in a difficult situation, my reaction has always been to sulk, cry and finally convince myself that this is all I deserve in life. It always felt like everyone around has an easy-going life. Agreed, that their life might be full with difficulties and complexities, but not as bad as mine.

This small incident gave me a whole new perspective. I work in a team of 13 people out of which 11 are women belonging to different walks of life. We often meet regularly in official meetings or have an informal chit-chat in the office aisle. All of them come across as happy independent working women. While a few of them are chirpy and talkative and can express all possible emotions, there are others who hardly open their mouths, the silent introverted ones. Recently, I got to know a part of their lives on my way back from a team lunch.

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