Lets talk about our struggles- Need your help friends

I got an Idea! It is not original but it is pretty inspiring.

I am going to add a new section to the blog called – Life as it is – a collection of your struggles and inspiring (AHA) moments. Here we will talk about our struggles and how we are dealing with it on a daily basis. I would like this platform to be real, honest and straight from the heart. No superhuman stories. Just simple everyday mundane struggles, moments of epiphanies and our small DIY projects to deal with it. It could be a story about a discouraging friend and how you dealt with her or about your struggle with abuse or about your finding your passion or about your life lessons or about marriage or anything human.

A story that has a human connect. A real life story. Please remember no story is big or small. Every story matters.

I know it is not a very innovative idea but I feel it is very important for me to do this right now. I am in a stage where I feel we all need a platform to spread our stories and not conform to our blog themes. I have always talked about moving forward but now I also want to talk about the events/incidents that change our perspective.


So here is the plan.

For the start, we will showcase one or two stories every week. I want this process to be very organic so I am NOT planning to invite anyone to contribute. I am expecting encouragement and support from your end. I want you to volunteer and come forward to share your stories. I don’t care about your writing skills or if you are a blogger or not. You could be one of the visitors who has something to share. This is your platform to talk your heart out. I will not disclose your identity here without your permission.

The only rule here is that your story has to be real, about your struggle , your feelings and your desire to change.

Volunteers can mail your stories to me at k.baldeep@yahoo.com with subject line- Life as it is- my story. 

I promise I will share your story here.

To my blogger friends, I have no convincing reason to ask you to contribute here. I don’t care about stats and guest blogging and all that nonsense because I know deep down most of us did not start our blogs to become famous or to focus on website traffic and all that. We started our blogs to write, to share and to express. Keeping that spirit in mind, I hope you share your life here. It does not have to be an exclusive post. It could be an old story or a new one. Whatever works for you!


Yes, you are right. I have not thought this through and I am not even editing this post. I just want it go out there before I decide to drop this idea. It has many loose ends but we will talk care of them as we move forward. Right now I just want our stories to be told here. I am hoping to build a community where we talk about our struggles and help each other to live better.

This initiative is coming from an honest space and I truly hope that I hear from many of you soon!!

Happy Evolving!

If you wish to participate, please leave a comment  on this post OR write a mail to k.baldeep@yahoo.com OR connect with me on Facebook . Thank you!


13 thoughts on “Lets talk about our struggles- Need your help friends

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  2. Shalom,

    Having had two near death experiences, I came to see how precious life well is and became convinced Who is behind it all.

    Having had very bad experiences in my life I am also aware how others can help in the process of coming over those bas experiences. Some of them which at that time could not be spoken off, are still bothering me after 50 and 40 years, even so much that by the trauma’s having experience so long ago they have come to bothering me now more than all the previous years when I had oppressed them in my head, but by becoming older they returned. Therefore I am convinced that when somebody has a very bad experience it is very important to tackle it there and then. And those who had similar bad experiences are also persons who can help the other. Together we can reach and do more. Out of love for each other we should try to help each other.

    Positive thinking is very important and for that reason I also started http://fromguestwriters.wordpress.com/ where I do hope I shall be able to find more people who would love to contribute sharing positive thoughts. All those called to bring love and peace in the world are invited to join us.

    See you perhaps over there.


  3. That’s full of kindness to listen to others’ struggles, when the world is so busy running on their personal agenda alone. It’s a wise initiative. You know something, LISTENING is a life saver. A typical first process in suicide prevention, counselors just listen, listen and listen to the worried soul’s problems. LISTENING heals. LISTENING makes people forgive and understand. LISTENING is the key.

    You said “may not be an Innovative Idea”? Well, I would say it’s invaluable idea. Those who never talked out their soul, it means a lot for them. You can also think about organising a group (on the same name) on FB simultaneously. Many non bloggers too will join there. May be many, can spend sometime useful in FB listening to one another’s struggles.

    As I do not have a personal blog, I too have a plenty to share. I stopped expressing my emotions and feelings long time ago, obvious reasons behind and felt no one really cares. I feel like I can share a few things with your initiative, as I have a high regard and respect for you. There’s no reason for it than the way you value your soul mate (got to know from your ‘hubby’ posts 🙂 ) Kudos to you. Let’s this idea kick-start, we do it bigger. We all will support you.


    • Thank you so much Dinesh! It is great how one positive thought that is planted reap so many more saplings.

      I would love to hear your story/stories. Just write your heart out!

      Somewhere deep down we all think that no one wants to listen to us but in reality it is just a thought. There are many out there who are giving much more back to the society that what they are getting in return.

      FB idea is awesome! I will try my best to start this group asap.

      Again, thanks for your support. I hope to hear from you soon on your story. I am waiting 🙂


  4. An initiative that deserves respect and kudos, Deepa. I am going through the same stage in life and it’s the simple battles that I have decided to overcome. Glad we converge on our situations and will be part of it. Do lemme kno. Good day:)


    • Thank you Vishal for your support!! I cant tell you how nervous I was to post this. I saw a video on TED and I just felt a deep urge to add this sharing platform on my blog. Thank you for your support. Let me know if you have any suggestions coz I have not thought this through. 🙂 Please mail me your story whenever possible and I will share it here. Thank you again for your support! I just hope our stories help many.


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