Khule aasmaan ke neeche


खुले आसमान  के नीचे सांस लेना,

मुश्किल नहीं,

पर खुला आसमान  ढूँढ़ते ढूँढ़ते,

साँसे खत्म हो गई …

ख्वाइशों कि मंज़िल पाना,

मुश्किल नहीं,

पर अपने डर से लड़ते लड़ते,

ज़िन्दगी खत्म हो गई…

किसी से प्यार करना,

मुश्किल नहीं,

पर इंसानों में कोहिनूर खोजते खोजते,

सपने खत्म हो गए…..

~ Deepa

I wrote this the day I watched a Hindi movie called Highway. Life is all about moving forward and leaving all our fears behind. I truly hope and pray that all of us find strength within to embark on a journey to fulfill all our wishes before it is too late.

Happy moving forward!



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15 thoughts on “Khule aasmaan ke neeche

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  2. Nice poem.To be frank i am a movie buff.somehow i found out i am not normal because there was a time i could not live without atleast watching one movie per day sort of addicted.Then somehow i took a break no movies since last two months.But i heard great things about this movie i will surely watch it.hindi is it a difficult language to write?
    Any way i know this much hindi from movie fanaa.

    adhoori saans thi dhadkan adhoori thi adhooren ham,
    magar ab chaand poora hain falak pe aur ab pooren hain ham…!!


    • If you like doing something, just do it. Does not matter if you watch a movie everyday. There are people who finish a book in a day. So dont think much!

      My vocabulary in Hindi is not very vast. There are many urdu origin words used in hindi too like Ishq etc. I feel it depends on what language you are comfortable writing in..I feel when it comes to poems, I am able to express better in Hindi..So basically whatever works for you!


  3. Wonderful, I am not as good as you are with the words but I like to quote a beautiful poem by Sir Mohammad Allama Iqbal along with the translation. I hope you will like it:

    Sitaron Se Agay Jahan Aur Bhi Hain, Abhi Ishq Ke Imtihan Aur Bhi Hain
    Other worlds exist beyond the stars, More tests of love are still to come. (Here Love= Dreams)

    Tehi, Zindagi Se Nahin Ye Fazaen, Yahan Saikron Karwan Aur Bhi Hain
    This vast space does not lack life, Hundreds of other caravans are here.

    Qanaat Na Kar Alam-e-Rang-o-Bu Par, Chaman Aur Bhi Ashiyan Aur Bhi Hain
    Do not be content with the world of color and smell, Other gardens there are, other nests, too.

    Agar Kho Gya Ek Nasheeman To Kya Gham, Maqamat-e-Aah-o-Faghan Aur Bhi Hain
    What is the worry if one nest is lost?, There are other places to sigh and cry for!

    Tu Shaheen Hai, Parwaz Hai Kaam Tera, Tere Samne Asman Aur Bhi Hain
    You are an eagle, flight is your vocation, You have other skies stretching out before you.

    Issi Roz-o-Shab Mein Ulajh Kar Na Reh Ja, Ke Tere Zaman-o-Makan Aur Bhi Hain
    Do not let mere day and night ensnare you, Other times and places belong to you.

    Gye Din Ke Tanha Tha Main Anjuman Mein, Yahan Ab Mere Raazdaan Aur Bhi Hain
    Gone are the days when I was alone in company, Many here are my confidants now.


    • Thank you Pamela!

      I am glad that you can connect to it. but I always want everyone to start trying to achieve everything that your heart soon as possible.

      Live life to the fullest!


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