Are you looking for happiness in the right place?

In our never-ending quest for happiness, we stumble, love, live, laugh, get hurt, cry and sometimes quit. Just a plain simple action,  quit because of exhaustion, disappointment, resentment and a fear of failure.

We all know what we want from life. Most of our wishes are simple emotions. Love. Laughter. Happiness. Why are such simple emotions so elusive? Are these emotions meant to be so complicated? Or Are there any flaws in our quest?

I have realized we look for such precious treasures in wrong places. In work that we don’t like. In relationships that are dead. In friendships that are temporary. In people trapped in their own fears. In money that is so fictional. In designations, roles we play. In following social norms that are so confining. In dishonest feelings.

Love is pure. Laughter is honest. Happiness is enlightenment. Emotion is a form of  energy. Formless. Infinite. Uninhibited. Powerful. Divine! 

It is all around you. It is in all of us. 

Just go out there and look for happiness in the right places. Look for it in the work that makes your heart come alive. Look for it in that person who makes your life worth living. Look for it in the forests. Look for it in your child’s laughter. Look for it in a friend’s words. Look for it in the spiritual energy. Play hide and seek. But the day you find it, treasure it. Don’t let it go. Hold it tight in your arms.  Make it your life. Break all social norms. Live it. Evolve in the magic.

Just let it flow..

Happy Seeking!!!!!!


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5 thoughts on “Are you looking for happiness in the right place?

    • Hey Vishal! Thank you for taking the time out to read and ahre your thoughts. means a lot to em and always brings a smile to my face..:)

      Yeahh!!! We have one more thing common beside blogging and being awesome..I love Khalid Hosseini too. A few weeks back was introduced to another writer, Ashwin Sanghi. Just started reading Chanakya’s chants. Liked it so far.


      • Omg. Two of my favorite authors! I still haven’t read And the Mountains Echoed. And the Secret. So many books, so little time! 🙂
        I love this post of yours, enlightening as always but in a different way.


        • You have to read Khalid’s recent book. I think it is his best work till date. I wish I could write like him..
          The Magic by Rhonda is amazing too..It is actually not a book but a series of gratitude exercises for 28 days..It is life changing.

          Thank you for your encouraging words. Glad you liked it. 🙂


        • I have heard a lot of praise for ATME. The Magic sounds like something I need… I have to stop making excuses and start reading. 😛


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