Expressions unlimited- Sharing more of our recent art pieces

The journey of reaching the land of colors, brushes and palettes was a long, hesitant and an uncertain one. Everyone says enjoy the journey but it was difficult for me to enjoy a journey that I felt had no destination. I never thought I will reach anywhere. Still, I kept walking. I believed in something magical, and divine called faith. My faith in divinity helped me to walk confidently, ignore mirages, peel inner fears layer by layer, bury doubts in the soil, till I reach the rainbow. Till I reach the land of colors, brushes and palettes!!

Sharing a few more art pieces with all of you fabulous people out there.

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Are you looking for happiness in the right place?

In our never-ending quest for happiness, we stumble, love, live, laugh, get hurt, cry and sometimes quit. Just a plain simple action,  quit because of exhaustion, disappointment, resentment and a fear of failure.

We all know what we want from life. Most of our wishes are simple emotions. Love. Laughter. Happiness. Why are such simple emotions so elusive? Are these emotions meant to be so complicated? Or Are there any flaws in our quest?

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