Simple moments matter–Exploring life in black and white

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” ~ Ansel Adams


Let the images speak what I saw there. What I felt there. In those moments where time came to a standstill. A place where land ended and magically dissolved into the water. A land mystical. Untouched. Wind heavy with memories. It asked me to take it with me in its purest form. Basic. Simple. Black and white. Simple moments matter, always!



Eagle. Powerful elegance in motion


Exploring within.


Playing with sunshine@Pine forest, Kodaikanal

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The Curious Case of the New Year!

Happy 2014 to everyone!

For many, it is a fresh beginning full of aspirations, hope and prayers for a better future. For others, it is just another day.

I did not want 2013 to end. Last year added so much meaning to my life that I wanted it to keep going. This new year 2014, is like a new neighbor. I try to peek in a little when their main door is open hoping to find a few positive signs, while battling all the nerve-wracking questions. What if the new neighbors are unfriendly? What if they have a dog that barks all the time? What if their kids listen to loud music?

Every new year awakens many what ifs in my life but this year I had an epiphany.

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