Blog of the year 2013 award!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

It feels great to receive so much love and appreciation from my fellow bloggers.  This special award ( i really wanted this one 🙂 ) has been given by a very special blogger friend ( thank you Madhusmita!) who hates books. She hates books so much that she has started a blog to tell the world how much she hates reading and all that comes with this territory. You don’t believe me. Please check her blog at 🙂

I started this blog to inspire people through my words. Inspire them to be more than what they can be, never give up and live a positive life.  I believe inspiration can take birth from any form of writing;  a poem that teaches you to love is as inspiring as a post on dealing with emotional abuse. You take what you want to take from here..I have opened my heart for you…

Paying it forward is extremely important in my world. So , here is the list of the bloggers I truly admire.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts and experiences with all of us!! 🙂


Keep Inspiring !!!  A very happy holiday season to everyone!!!!!!!!!!

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Your friendship means the world to me! – a short poem dedicated to all my friends in the real and virtual space

friendship image

Standing by your side,

At every turn and twist of your life.

Talking with you,

Till every sad moment turns into a smile.

Listening to your thoughts,

Even the ones that you do not share.

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Loving you!!


Standing under the dark sky,

I reflect light,

People say it is my mystic touch,

I know it is your internal bliss,

Shining through me,

Your admiration,

Your love!!

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My Path

Life is simple..Just listen to your heart!!!! It has all the answers..

Happy Evolving!