I am sorry. I know I hurt you.

I am an extremist by nature. If I love you, I love you deeply and if I don’t care, I will make sure you know that. I don’t know how to be in a relationship, whether it is with friends or family, and not be true and honest, and express genuinely. I give each relationship that is important to me everything that I have.Β This is why probably it hurts me deeply when someone crosses the boundary or hurts me in any way. Yes, now I am far more mature to handle such situations well but it does make me question the core of that relationship when the situation is not handled properly. I am fine till you do not add anything positive in my life or are at least neutral but I do not like when people take me for granted and try to add any kind of negativity in my life.

I will not accept any form of energy that I never send out.

I have realized that it is very difficult to accept a mistake. Is it because our ego plays a big role in it or is it because we just want to look at things from our perspective?


I feel not trying to make up is a choice. It is a choice to not try to mend things..It is a choice to give your ego or self problems far more importance than yourΒ relationship. So if we think about it deeply, it is our choice to let others suffer and make ourselves go through the same unproductive feeling.

But Is just saying sorry enough or is there more to it?

Well, I read somewhere that there are three parts to saying sorry..

I am sorry ~~~It is my fault ( no excuses please) ~~~What can I do to make it right?

The second and third part matters the most because this is where you take responsibility for not just what you did but also for what you need to do to make it right. This is where you need to dig deep down in your soul and remind yourself that how much that relationship means to you and try every possible thing to bring that special person back to a place full of positive energy, love and affection..

So Yes, just saying sorry is not enough…Please give it all you have!




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28 thoughts on “I am sorry. I know I hurt you.

  1. True to the core .. πŸ™‚
    I am new to blogging and came across your blog πŸ™‚
    Enjoying it..!! Will read your posts ..
    Till then ..
    Be good n stay happy..!!!


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  4. sometimes there will be situations where we are not able to understand what went wrong. So for me its enough to know that I have made a mistake. Yes sometimes I say without knowing my fault, its not because I dont want to, but i dont want to make other person feel bad for long. After saying sorry I like to talk to that person and try to correct that mistake.
    The main problem which i see these days is both the person in a relationship find the other person at mistake. So they keep blaming each-other. Here also even If I dont know what went wrong, instead of stretching the matter we must say sorry and then when the things calm down, try to understand what went wrong.
    I accept what you have said, all the three steps are important. My point is sometimes you dont need to wait to see what was your mistake. Remember other side if your loved one.
    In words of Zafar Gorakhpuri

    Mausam ko ishaaron se bulaa kyun nahin lete
    ruthaa hai agar wo to manaa kyun nahin lete
    diwana tumhara koi gair nahin hai
    machalaa bhi to sine se laga kyun nahin lete


    • Beautifully expressed! If all of us can think and act like that, this world will be much easier to live in..I am not saying that your perspective is idealistic because it is not..what you have expressed the right thing to do in any relation and needs immense inner strength and zilch ego..i strongly believe that all of us should generate that inner strength to do the right thing ..yes it is tough but that is what makes it right..


    • Glad you found this post interesting.. journey between saying sorry and making it right is not such a long one if we let go our ego and just let the love flow…

      tough thing to do but that is what makes it right…


  5. A very meaningful post! I agree with you on most counts but your words “try to add any kind of negativity in my life” are more than true. I go to the extent of keeping away from such persons who give negative vibes.
    Thanks πŸ™‚


    • Me too! My SIL once told me these magical words that have become my life’s mantra- “one can give only what one has”.. so to give positive vibes one has to be positive..

      In my life, Reiki is a huge help in blocking negative vibes..


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  7. I am bit of an extreme person too. And you are right about the apology. First the person needs to know what they are apologising for, admit fault and do what they can to set things right. Sadly not everything can be set right. Then I guess we just have to move on. Tough..but then..life goes on. Well written πŸ™‚


    • You know I have this habit.right after someone says I am sorry , I ask why are you saying sorry? For what reasons?

      Because sometimes like you said, the other person does not understand or knows his mistake…

      And yes when things are beyond repair, we have to find the strength within!!



    • Thank you!

      I agree. Letting go is a very important aspect of the healing process, specially for the person who is hurt..

      But isn’t letting go important for the other person as well? The person who has hurt you, intentionally or unintentionally, has to let go by ignoring ego, accepting his mistake and helping..Otherwise he or she will carry this negativity around either in form of guilt or resentment..

      I feel healing has to happen at both ends to complete the process..


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