Finding your happily ever after


A magical day!

Sara was lying on her bed, with her arms stretched out, listening  to a romantic song on her laptop. It was raining heavily outside, with gushing winds shaking her bedroom windows. A huge celebration by the divine energies. She was very happy and her emotions were expressing by flowing intensely through her brown eyes.

At the same time , a piece of ice fell from the sky, in an improbable angle, stumbled on the window sill and fell into her hand. She was startled and kept staring at that piece of ice that was now melting in her warm touch. Ice in Chennai. She desperately wanted to save it. Probably I should put it in the refrigerator or click a picture on my phone. But she stopped. She decided to let it go and melt away to its original form in the comfort of her hand.

Sara always felt being an inseparable part of nature. As if her soul belonged to the trees, rivers and wind and not her physical being, her body. She often saw her soul getting drenched in rain or absorbing sun’s first rays or wrapping up in the softness of clouds or walking deep down in the endless ocean.

In the past, just like a new mother struggles with her infant baby, Sara struggled to understand this fearless formless piece of her and failed to keep it under control or fit her into a daily schedule. No matter how hard she tried, her soul was not ready to adopt a defined way of being.After years of trying to change her inner being, she finally gave up. She decided to be herself. But this was not an easy decision. She walked many wrecked roads to reach this space , where her soul without any inhibition could be herself.

Now she is free. Sara has finally found her happily ever after… 

She is now  living happily in her interpretation of the world; her real world that does not try to define her but allows her to be..


Happy Living!!

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12 thoughts on “Finding your happily ever after

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  4. You have amazingly captured emotion and delivered it in such a simplistic manner. Loved it. If we free our soul of all the burdens which we put on it, we will realise that happily ever after is the only state of being..


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