Second step into the art world-sharing two of our creations

Do you guys remember my first step into the art world a few months back? You can click here to know more about our beginning days in the art world..

Now I am completely, deeply  and madly in love with the journey of creating an art piece.  Learning anything new is so inspiring and rejuvenating! Specially when it is full of so many vibrant colors, heartfelt expressions and deep rooted expectations.

Sharing the two additions to our collection 🙂


Story behind this artwork:

I saw this image on online and completely fell in love with it. Though, I have not been able to recreate that exact magic but I am happy with my first attempt. So, here it is. My recent painting for my lovely virtual family.

Please do let me know if you liked it.  Do you think this one is worth framing? I was planning to hang it in my home office but not sure if it is good enough. What do you think? Frame or no frame…that is the question for the day folks!!


Story behind this art piece:

We had to make an environmental art piece to be installed in a natural setting.  So, we decided to make this bird swing.  I love birds! I leave little treats for crows quite often on my kitchen window sill. I also have this special whistle for them to call them to eat those treats. So we decided to make a swing for birds , that they can enjoy with their other bird friends. Cool idea, Isn’t it?

We used an old wire and coiled it on a really long cocktail plastic glass we got from  Las Vegas. After that we filled it with some fallen leaves so that the swing merges well in the plants. I added bells around it from an old rusted Tibetan wind chime i had at home. I also made a bird ( bird has no feet. I know. forgot to make those) out of a packing box.

Did you like it?

Happy Learning!!


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7 thoughts on “Second step into the art world-sharing two of our creations

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  2. I liked it ..i liked it .. i liked it..
    Frame it.. frame it..frame it.. I just loved the colors used ..has some flavor of Odisha paintings which are also pretty colorful and carry simple nature related themes..
    great going


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