How do we break the habit of denying problems?

Recently, I added a new aspect to my life, Eckhart Tolle and his uncomplicated approach to life. In the past few weeks, my mind was home to cluttered thoughts and pessimistic emotions. My attempt to change this unproductive state of being, cosmically took me to Eckhart’s website.


He answered a very pertinent question that I had in my mind for a long time now.

Is accepting things as they are equivalent to having a passive approach to life? How can a passive approach to life help me evolve and change things in my life?


I am sharing my understanding of his life lessons with you. Acceptance is the first step toward a rightful action.  When we do not accept the problem, we fight it or deny its existence. With time it  becomes bigger and bigger in our thoughts. It occupies our mind sub-consciously and disrupts our thinking process, sleep pattern and physically makes us feel weak and tired.  We just keep fighting reality and destroying credibility  of the present moment. The end result- highly unproductive use of our energies.


When we accept a problem, we no longer waste our energies in fighting or denying it.  Passive approach to life, accepting things as they are, gives us boundless energy to work toward a fruitful solution from a very positive and rightful space. By adopting this approach to life, we bury our ego deep down and feel in control of the situation by looking at the problem in an impersonal way.  It is the problem that becomes weak and small as we feel spiritually energized to bring magnificent changes to our life.

Isn’t this a very empowering approach to life? What do you think?


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9 thoughts on “How do we break the habit of denying problems?

  1. 101% in agreement. Accepting the problem (individuals, social, country, global, corporate) any level got to be the first step.
    At an individual level acceptance and setting up your play field makes things easier and comfortable. Try to reduce the gap between expectations and reality, wider the gap, higher are ones chances of being unhappy is what i feel
    Happiness comes through thoughts > Thoughts are invoked by situations > Situations are mostly manufactured by individual’s decisions > And decisions come through ones own essentially happiness is always around & available its just that every individual has a choice to pick it up or not
    Thanks Deepa for sharing this wonderful thought!


    • Thought is conditioned thinking and is not always productive. It is all about identifying those thought patterns and changing them to make life easy.

      Otherwise it gets tough to accept reality.

      Thanks for your sharing your feelings!


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  3. SUPERB ARTICLE !!! Great thoughts. Yes, when we accept the problem, only then we start looking out and thinking about the solution. It’s better to sweat than to fret.


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      It is important to accept the problem to figure out the right solution.When we tend to think from an insecure space, we accept solutions that are not productive or not right for that particular problem.


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