Just Living!

Just for today, I will live. Not think about the past. Not worry about the future. Just for today, I will live . I will not meet any deadline. I will not make plans to conquer the world. I will just submerge my soul in Sufi music. I will bake a carrot cake . Just for today, I will live. I will not analyse anything. I will not care about bad economy. I will not feed my ego . Just for today,I will live.

Dream. Dive. Laugh. Read. Write. Not just exist, but truly live.

Happy Living!!


16 thoughts on “Just Living!

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  4. hi
    i open fb n scroll down………scroll down……
    jus 2 reach the hand……..wanna hold it tight…………4 i jus loved ur thoughts…..
    wonderful pic…….suits your blog perfectly………..
    ur cause 4 starting it, is noble………..may god bless u n give you courage to pursue your dreams………..
    thank you for this one too…….
    the best part is the way u put ur thoughts in words…….
    i hope i cud b like u!
    i mean……….jus livin……..


    • Thank you so much for giving my thoughts and words space in your life. I am really touched by your lovely inspiring words and thanks for your kind thoughtful wishes.

      To evolve is to live. So keep evolving!!

      Hope to keep hearing from you always!! take care.


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