Deanne Bray’s Rude Awakening — ASL Video on Signs of Domestic Abuse

What is domestic abuse? Is telling your partner that she was born to cook an emotional abuse? When your husband tells you that you do not dress well, is that an abuse or his love for you? When your father asks your mother about her whereabouts all the time, is it because he cares or because he like to control her?

I have not come across a better video than this to give answers to all those basic questions related to domestic abuse. Please watch it and share it. It is a social issue that is close to my heart and want your help to spread awareness about it.

If some one you know is going through this, remember the three simple steps:


Thanks Amy for sharing this on your blog. Please visit her space to learn more about domestic abuse.

Links for help:

Emotional abuse is not okay.

Why don’t domestic abuse victims leave?

How to get out of an abusive relationship?


Picking Up the Pieces

(Captioned) Co-written by Julie Rems-Smario and Deanne Bray. Acted by Deanne Bray. Produced in American Sign Language as a resource for the deaf community, this video spells out (pun intended) what domestic violence is and what to look for if you suspect someone you know is being abused.

Information on Deaf Hope can be found on their website at

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