10 Life Lessons My Husband Taught Me


~~ Life is a huge playground. So have fun on the slides, roller coasters and kiddie rides. You are born to have fun and not to meet crazy social expectations.

~~ Love with all your heart ,and never leave the back door open to exit, if things get tough.

~~ Give second chance to people who you think deserve it. Never look back at people who lost out on that opportunity.

~~Never say things that you don’t mean, especially during a fight. Ummm..still working on this one πŸ™‚

~~ Treat your self with the same kindness as you treat others.

~~ It is okay to ask for help, even when you can do it all by yourself.

~~Always show what you feel in any situation. So, if you are getting bored during Β a conversation, stop nodding, coil up and basically make the other person know that you resent pointless conversation.

~~ When things look abstract, change your viewing point. Look at it from a view-point where you can understand things better.

~~ Listen to everyone but do what your heart desires. And NO, you don’t have to give a huge explanation to justify your choice.

~~ You can play multiple roles at the same time if you just be yourself and do not try to fit into a role of a “good wife” or a “good daughter-in-law” or a “good friend”. You don’t have to choose any role. Just choose being ‘YOU”.

Keep Loving!!


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37 thoughts on “10 Life Lessons My Husband Taught Me

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  3. β€œ10 Life Lessons My Husband Taught Me | Inspiring Evolution” ended
    up being a perfect post. However, if it owned even more pics it would most likely be possibly even far better.
    Thank u ,Harley


  4. You constructed quite a few fantastic stuff within your article,
    β€œ10 Life Lessons My Husband Taught Me | Inspiring Evolution”.
    I may be coming back again to ur web page eventually. Thanks
    a lot -Louann


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  10. Nice one..Puneet indeed gets into multiple roles perfectly..Would jst want to share a few things which i learnt from Puneet..(thr r plenty, but will jst list the top ones)
    – Learn to say ‘No’ to things which are not fitting in your value system
    – Get your objective clear and then take the corresponding path..
    – Search for things which make you happy and not for things which will make you rich ( or rather burden you with more materialistic stuff)
    – Keep yourself busy but not in things which you do out of compulsion but with things which you want to do as they make you happy
    and yes keep smiling, love everyone and dont take life seriously..



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