Wednesday is the most important day of the week

Are you feeling enlightened after knowing this universal truth?

Umm, well it is less of a universal truth and more of my personal theory.  See, the thing is that Wednesday is basically two days into work life and two days away from, well basically, life.

So, recently we implemented a new rule, actually the one & only rule ;), in our home.  The rule is to break our usual weekday pattern on every Wednesday and do something different and innovative. STOP, read ahead before calling to enroll for that weekday salsa class or piano session. 


I have a simpler solution. What we basically do is, alter a few easy things to create a refreshing break for us. We skip the daily shows we watch from 9  to 11 ( Master Chef Australia and Grey’s Anatomy) and use that time to do fascinating things like cook something innovative, play board games or at times just go out for a long walk.

We have been doing this for a month and this trick is a serious stress buster!!

So if you usually, after coming back from work, open the freezer section for food or order pizza for delivery and then sit in front of the television to watch random stuff till you fall asleep; do something different. Cook yourself a nice simple meal or call up friends you have not spoken to for a long time or just pick up a book to read.

If you have kids and your family eats home cooked meal, get some healthy takeaway food and use that time to spend with your kids. Play board games or play some loud music and just dance your heart out.

Treat Wednesday like a precursor to the coming weekend. This will make you feel energized and bring your loved ones closer . Trust me it works. Try it!!!!

Keep Evolving!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday is the most important day of the week

  1. that’s a pretty novel idea…and what better day it could be than wednesday..
    i am going to try out a few things which have been lying the store..but waiting to get unpacked!


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