Simple Moments Matter- Part 3- My Art

Sitting beside my bedroom window, I am admiring the glittering ocean, and the dash of sunlight peeking out of clouds in the beautiful sky.

I shared with you last week, that I have enrolled for an online art course on Coursera. This minor step has added a new perspective in my life. A new way of looking at things.

Today , I am admiring this magnificent nature’s painting not as a viewer, but as a creator.

I am Source-flickrhivemind.netnoticing nature’s brush strokes in clouds, changing values, shades of color and how different elements are interacting with each other on the picture plane. I am admiring a bird in the foreground, looking so endearing & creating a focal point against an orange whitish sky.

Just one small addition to my life, and what a reward! What an absolutely refreshing interpretation. My admiration for nature’s creator has grown so much after experiencing this moment.

Through such art pieces, someone up there wants to remind self-absorbed & control freak humans, who the real boss is.

This is his way of enacting on a large canvas, a very famous Bollywood dialogue in HIndi, “baap hamesha bete se bada hota hain”  or ” baap baap hota hain, beta beta”, which means father is the creator and is always older and wiser than his son.


Again, please keep adding new dimensions to your life. Life is precious and very short.

Happy learning!!

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6 thoughts on “Simple Moments Matter- Part 3- My Art

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