Finding Love

When will I meet him? How will I know if he is the one? What if I never find him?

No, Jen is not a teenager desperate to fall in love. She is a working professional who loves to sketch and sing. Jen is a responsible daughter, great friend and an agony aunt to many. She  is very passionate about life and finds pleasure in simple things such as baking brownies on a friend’s birthday or going to Wal-Mart at midnight in PJ’s to buy ice cream.

The only problem in her life is that she has not found her special someone. Almost all her friends are married, happily or not. Some days when she is feeling really low, Jen feels that she will never meet her someone special as now it is too late. She is 32.

What are the chances of her meeting her special person? I don’t know. I sometimes wonder why some people find their special person and some don’t. I know many who never found their soul mate and decide to remain in a loveless relationship all their life. Is it because some people settle for less or is it because they don’t know what they are looking for?

I can’t say for sure but I believe it is very important to be connected to your inner self to find that right connection with another person. It is very cliché but it is imperative to know who you are to be able to know someone else.

Most of us just run through life and then eventually life runs out. Only if we had given ourselves that love, space and care that we give to others, probably each one of us would have found our special someone.

When I look at Jen, I believe that she will find her special person just the way I did because she is not running away from herself. She will not settle for less as she believes she deserves to be loved. One of these days, when everything is going wrong, she will bump into someone who will become the reason behind all her happiness and laughter.

Don’t run away from yourself. Find yourself to find your special person!!!


15 thoughts on “Finding Love

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    • Thanks for reading! I agree with your thought that some women do like to pick men that are not right for them. The reason could be low self-esteem or their basic nurturing instinct. Whatever the reason be, move on ladies and find your love. 🙂


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