Day of Epiphanies


 When you give yourself a chance to do what your heart desires, your life is filled with immense physical and emotional strength to fulfill unimaginable wishes. 


You can’t be someone else and enjoy what he does. You will be happy only & only if you do what you are meant to do. Whatever gives you eternal happiness.


There are many worlds within a few kilometers of your home.  So look around, get inspired and make your world better.


Risk means nothing. You are just giving yourself a CHANCE to change things. You deserve it.


Once you take that first step towards your dream, rest is just a cake walk.


People can give you only what they have in their lives. If they have anger, they will give you anger. If they have love, they will give you love.


PS: I write all such epiphanies or ‘AHA’ moments that I experience in my diary. Feels great to finally share these with you.

Happy Evolving!


16 thoughts on “Day of Epiphanies

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