Inspiring Evolution- My first art piece

I have never in my life created an art piece. Recently, I and Puneet, my hubby, joined an online art course at Coursera.( check it out for great programs in various fields).

So, my art journey has finally started, a little late, but like they say better late than never. Sharing my first art piece with all of you!



Story behind the artwork


Like you all know, I recently started writing this blog, my first ever attempt at writing. Similar to that, this is my first attempt at creating an art form. This is the reason I decided to take my blog as an inspiration for this painting.

As I wanted to share a part of my life through this painting, I took inspiration from Marc Chagall’s work and showcased integral elements of my life such as sunset, ocean, birds, and writing in my painting.



Feel the depths of my words & immensity of my thoughts

I believe words have power. Ocean is deep, vast, limitless, inspiring and powerful; it is the ink to my writing. I have depicted this by showing an ink pen floating in water and using sea water as the ink to write on the sky. Graffiti on the sky made by the ink pen symbolize my written words.  Through my writing, I want to inspire readers to be more than what they can be. I want my thoughts to fly like the birds, reach the heights of the sky and make lives better.


I opted for a handmade paper to add texture to my painting. I used acrylic colors to paint- shorter brush strokes in the ocean and longer strokes in the sky. I used primary (RBY) colors and intermediate such as red-orange, yellow –orange & blue-violet to depict sunset and ocean.  I have also used sponge to merge sky colors and create continuity. Ink pen is a cut out image from a newspaper that I have integrated in the painting by adding color to the image and highlighting a few elements in the image such as the two birds.


Like I always say, when you do things that you always wanted to do, it gives you immense inner strength to add more and more new experiences to your life. This is exactly what this blog did for me. So, keep learning!

Happy Exploring!


6 thoughts on “Inspiring Evolution- My first art piece

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  2. I just loved this work..Art personified!!! one got to have these kind of personal motivational nitro boosters all your way towards exploring life..i guess this work can be one of those for you..keep it flowing..:-)


    • I am horrible at anything to do with arts. Never in my life I had thought that I could even attempt something like this. Puneet is great at such stuff. He taught me technicalities.

      It is great to learn new things. I love that because it energises life. Other thing is I get bored too soon in life so I have no other option but to keep doing new things to prevent my self from losing it.


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