Be more than what you can be

— Ursula Burns was raised by a  poor single mother. Now, Ursula is CEO of Xerox and first African-American woman to be the head of a Fortune 500 Company.

— J.K. Rowling lived on welfare before creating the Harry Potter franchise.

— Mahendra Singh Dhoni was a train ticket examiner before becoming a successful Indian cricketer and current captain of the Indian national cricket team.

— Oprah Winfrey turned a life of hardship into inspiration for a multi-billion-dollar empire


Why did they succeed in life? Is it because they are more talented than everyone else?

Or is it because they never stopped trying?



Despite all life issues, there are a few among us who are able to push their life in the right direction. They are able to think beyond the obvious and create this magical yet believable world for themselves.

Nobody’s life is perfect no matter how much we force our self to believe that. We all have families to take care of, bills to pay & career to manage. We all have relatives who we can’t stand, parents or siblings we can’t relate to , spouse who is emotionally distant or friends who have grown apart.

If you want to be more than what you can be, give yourself  a CHANCE to be closer to your dream. We all are basically same. If we give ourselves a chance to experiment and believe in our capabilities , it is easy to achieve anything.

Your life either can become a story about your weaknesses or about your strengths.  Make  a choice to not to struggle  for an okay life but for a fabulous life.

Happy Evolving!


3 thoughts on “Be more than what you can be

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this and i completely agree with you , all these people had the right temperament and did not fear about coming out of their comfort zone. This is the problem with most of the people, they avoid getting out of their comfort zones and take risks to try something new and big which proves great in long run


    • Agree. If we change our perspective a little bit, think of a tap on the door as an opportunity and not as risk, we will have more power and control over our future.

      Life is short. My biggest fear is to have a bucket load of regrets.

      Happy living and thanks for your comment. Keep visiting !


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