Seven dangers to human virtue


                                                                        By- Mahatma Gandhi


Unfortunately, these dangers have turned into core issues in our world. Hunger for power & wealth, has eroded our basic human values. This is a battle that every person has to fight. Our world, where every person knows their desires, but do not know their responsibilities, will never work.  I believe, foundation of reform, is education and awareness. By awareness, I mean knowing the truth & forming an informed opinion about every news, event and development that happens in our world. Only after that, we will be equipped in true sense to fight all evils out of our world

Happy Evolving!!


3 thoughts on “Seven dangers to human virtue

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  2. So very truee.. and so very unfortunate that these are today’s core principles governing the different entities..
    just can follow one thing which Gandhi said ‘Be the change you wish to see’ and then hope!


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