10 Life Lessons My Husband Taught Me


~~ Life is a huge playground. So have fun on the slides, roller coasters and kiddie rides. You are born to have fun and not to meet crazy social expectations.

~~ Love with all your heart ,and never leave the back door open to exit, if things get tough.

~~ Give second chance to people who you think deserve it. Never look back at people who lost out on that opportunity.

~~Never say things that you don’t mean, especially during a fight. Ummm..still working on this one ūüôā

~~ Treat your self with the same kindness as you treat others.

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Wednesday is the most important day of the week

Are you feeling enlightened after knowing this universal truth?

Umm, well it is less of a universal truth and more of my personal theory.  See, the thing is that Wednesday is basically two days into work life and two days away from, well basically, life.

So, recently we implemented a new rule, actually the one & only rule ;), in our home.  The rule is to break our usual weekday pattern on every Wednesday and do something different and innovative. STOP, read ahead before calling to enroll for that weekday salsa class or piano session. 


I have a simpler solution. What we basically do is, alter a few easy things to create a refreshing break for us. We skip the daily shows we watch from 9 ¬†to 11¬†( Master Chef Australia and Grey’s Anatomy) and use that time to do fascinating things like cook something innovative, play board games or at times just go out for a long walk.

We have been doing this for a month and this trick is a serious stress buster!!

So if you usually, after coming back from work, open the freezer section for food or order pizza for delivery and then sit in front of the television to watch random stuff till you fall asleep; do something different. Cook yourself a nice simple meal or call up friends you have not spoken to for a long time or just pick up a book to read.

If you have kids and your family eats home cooked meal, get some healthy takeaway food and use that time to spend with your kids. Play board games or play some loud music and just dance your heart out.

Treat Wednesday like a precursor to the coming weekend. This will make you feel energized and bring your loved ones closer . Trust me it works. Try it!!!!

Keep Evolving!

Day of Epiphanies (part 2)

I shared with all of you in my blog profile, that I love Paulo Coelho‘s style of writing.¬†Through his words, I have discovered many hidden insecurities and strengths in my soul.¬†I am sharing a few of my favorite quotes from his books. At every stumble in my life, these lines helped me regain balance and walk forward with full force and determination.




A fall from the third floor hurts as much as a fall from the hundredth. If I have to fall, may it be from a high place.‚ÄĚ ~¬†By the River Piedra


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Simple Moments Matter- Part 3- My Art

Sitting beside my bedroom window, I am admiring the glittering ocean, and the dash of sunlight peeking out of clouds in the beautiful sky.

I shared with you last week, that I have enrolled for an online art course on Coursera. This minor step has added a new perspective in my life. A new way of looking at things.

Today , I am admiring this magnificent nature’s painting not as a viewer, but as a creator.

I am¬†Source-flickrhivemind.netnoticing nature’s brush strokes in clouds, changing values, shades of color and how different elements are interacting with each other on the picture plane. I am admiring a bird in the foreground, looking so endearing & creating a focal point against an orange whitish sky.

Just one small addition to my life, and what a reward! What an absolutely refreshing interpretation. My admiration for nature’s¬†creator has grown so much after experiencing this moment.

Through such art pieces, someone up there wants to remind self-absorbed & control freak humans, who the real boss is.

This is his way of enacting on a large canvas, a very famous Bollywood dialogue in HIndi, “baap hamesha bete se bada hota hain” ¬†or ” baap baap¬†hota hain, beta beta”, which means father is the creator and is always older and wiser than his son.


Again, please keep adding new dimensions to your life. Life is precious and very short.

Happy learning!!

Simple Moments Matter ( part 1)

Simple Moments Matter (part 2)

How do I get out of an abusive relationship?

Recently a woman visited my blog after typing these exact words , ” I am emotionally abused in my marriage, how do I fight back to get my dignity?”.

I am writing this post for her. I don’t know her but I sincerely hope this reaches out to her. I tried to create awareness about emotional abuse by writing posts on signs of emotional abuse and basic behavioral pattern of a victim and an abuser

(helpful  links at the end of this post).

Let’s talk about fighting back now.


One thing that I know about that reader is that she realizes that she is a victim and wants to get out of  a bad marriage. This means she has already taken the first difficult step.

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Finding Love

When will I meet him? How will I know if he is the one? What if I never find him?

No, Jen is not a teenager desperate to fall in love. She is a working professional who loves to sketch and sing. Jen is a¬†responsible¬†daughter, great friend and an agony aunt to many. She ¬†is very passionate about life and finds pleasure in simple things such as baking brownies on a friend‚Äôs birthday or going to Wal-Mart at midnight in PJ’s to buy¬†ice cream.

The only problem in her life is that she has not found her special someone. Almost all her friends are married, happily or not. Some days when she is feeling really low, Jen feels that she will never meet her someone special as now it is too late. She is 32.

What are the chances of her meeting her special person? I don’t know.¬†I sometimes wonder why some people find their special person and some don’t. I know many who never found their soul mate and decide to remain in a loveless¬†relationship all their life. Is it because some people settle for less or is it because they don’t know what they are looking for?

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Letter to my soul

Dear Soul,


I am writing this letter to share my thoughts on you and our journey together. Please let me start with apologizing to you.

I am sorry that I do not give you full credit for your strength, patience and guidance. You never stop trying to lead me in the right direction. I am sorry that¬†I don’t¬†listen to you quite often. Even when you try really hard to tell me something , I shun your voice. I truly acknowledge¬†and appreciate that because¬†of you I was able to fight all the battles that life threw in my way.
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Why domestic violence victims don’t leave?

Leslie Morgan Steiner was in madly in love with a man who routinely abused her and threatened her life. Steiner tells the dark story of her relationship, correcting misconceptions many people hold about victims of domestic violence, and explaining how we can all help break the silence.

Please watch the entire video to educate your self on domestic violence abuse. The more you learn about this issue, the more enabled you will feel to help your friends and family who are victims of domestic abuse.



If  in case you missed it before, please read a blog post I wrote about emotional abuse, Emotional abuse is not okay. It has very useful links to help emotional abuse victims find support/assistance any where in the world. Most of the times victims do not know that they are being abused so I have tried my best to highlight a few key issues in a typical case of emotional abuse.



It is every person’s responsibility to fight abuse whether you are a man or a woman . It is important to give that support to the victim and help him/her recover. Like i said earlier, three simple steps-

Listen- Support-Guide