What am I not afraid of anymore?

Sometime I feel we focus too much on what we can’t do and less on what we can do. How about we think a little differently today?

Let’s make a list of things of that we are not afraid of anymore!!

My list:


I had serious dog phobia. So much that I would cross the road if I saw a dog coming in my direction or just grab my husband tightly till the dog is out of sight. In addition to the fear, it was very embarrassing for me to behave like that in front of others.

Now all that has changed. I am an absolute DOG LOVER. This is because of my brother’s dog Coffee, an American beagle. This cute little dog somehow made me feel so comfortable around him. Coffee visited us recently and I took him to the beach, bathed him and even fed him with my hands. ACHIEVEMENT!! Now even stray dogs don’t scare me anymore.



I hated any kind of amusement ride. I was so terrified that my hands would start to tremble even while watching a funny roller coaster video. Seriously, I am not exaggerating. All my fears and panic attacks turned into thrill and excitement the moment I entered DISNEYLAND. That place is truly magical!! I went on that Everest ride thrice and space mountain twice. I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!



Deep sea floating in Pondicherry with my best friend and hubby

I was not hydrophobic but was not very comfortable around water. It could be because I do not how to swim. So the best way to over come any fear is to jump into it. This is what I did in this case literally. My best friend Ginny visited us last year. I went to a water theme park for the first time in my life and had so much fun. I got a little too adventurous as I even decided to go for a deep-sea floating thing with them which turned out to be a little scary. My tip– sing if you feel afraid in water. Worked in my case.:)


I would have missed out on so many good moments had I not been able to overcome these fears. I believe the best way to overcome any fear is to just put yourself in that situation repeatedly until you truly embrace it. Trust your inner strength and it will take you to marvelous places in life.

Please do share your success stories with everyone. It can help people to overcome their fear.

Happy Evolving!!


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